Long Duration Batteries

High Rate Front Terminal (HR-F) Series

Long Duration batteries are a highly efficient recombination technology to provide superior overall battery performance.Applications:

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) System
  • Communications
  • Data Centers
  • Alternative Energy
  • Utility

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The HR-F (High Rate Front Terminal) Valve Regulated Lead Acid battery are designed to provide superior performance and feature the latest advancement in plate and battery technology offering exceptional service life, low self discharge, high cycling capabilities and low float charge current characteristics.

HR-F batteries utilize a highly efficient recombination technology to provide superior overall battery performance and are engineered for high rate short duration constant power discharges in a front terminal configuration providing a higher energy density with ease of maintenance.

HR-F batteries are manufactured in compliance with NEBS, GR, IEC, UL and CE quality and performance standards.

HR-F batteries offer ease of service, shorter inter block connections, lower internal resistance and utilize equal or less floor space than conventional top terminal batteries.

High Rate Front Terminal (HR-F) Series


  • 10-Year Design Life
  • Initial capacity at 100%
  • 6 month of storage at 77°F (25°C) capacity >86%
  • Low pressure one-way flame arresting valve(s) UL1989
  • Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology, Recombination efficiency of 99.9%
  • High reliability case to cover seal
  • UL Recognized Component
  • Classified as Nonspillable UN2800 (no air, ground or sea transportation restrictions)
  • Monoblock 6v & 12v construction
  • Low-Calcium-Tin grid alloy
  • Copper alloy insert terminals for ease of installation and maximum current carrying capabilities
  • Flame Retardant ABS Cover and Container, UL94 V-0, LOI>28%


Energy Storage Technologies

Energy Storage Technologies is a professional company composed of a team of experts with extensive engineering, application and installation backgrounds collectively working with clients to integrate energy storage and those mission critical power needs.

American Technical Supports primary objective is to assist customers in improving reliability, preventing unscheduled outages, extending equipment life, reducing maintenance costs and increasing predictability of equipment failure That is why we provide Energy Storage Batteries. EST’s stand alone or integrated energy storage solutions have been tailored engineered to exact standards to meet your specific application requirements.

ATS's high performance Long Duration Battery will provide reliability with your backup system equipment.



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